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The Purposeful Business Owner with Y. Michelle Coard - Episode 3 - Embracing My Creativity

The Purposeful Business Owner with Y. Michelle Coard

The Purposeful Business Owner is dedicated to fulfilling his or her reason for serving others or to spark an area of service that needs to be changed.

We all have gifts and talents that we use in different ways to service our calling or purpose.

Often, business owners are so busy with the day to day of business that we forget our "Why." The why is the reason we started our business. Having a purposeful why will encourage the business owner through very tough times and allow the business owner to continue serving their customers/clients with value.

Episode 3

Dori Staehle of "Rock The Next Stage" Get Unstuck and Move Forward in Your Live!

 "Embracing My Creativity"

Dori Staehle is Business Coach and Author of "Finding My Divine Rhythm.", She's a former band manager, educational consultant, and professor.  Dori is very strong in helping business owners with branding, social media, and networking. Dori has an MBA in Finance, and has graduate and post-graduate work in gifted education and gifted psychology, 20 years in educational consulting,

She says, "15 years in the music biz doing booking, promo, marketing, management, and coaching, and 5 years in international banking in NYC, Serial entrepreneur." -Dori

Dori is also my business coach and friend. She helps me embrace my purpose and helps me to navigate through the tough business moments. She celebrates the happy moments with me as well! Dori has shown me how to embrace my gifts and creativity to help me move my business to new levels!

Dori's story is inspirational and is a glowing example of what it takes to whether the entrepreneur field! And Dori is not afraid to be different!! I dare you to be different to..Dori can show you how!

Watch the webcast for helpful tips about how Dori brings out the creativity in others and hear special tips for business owners.

One tip Dori would like to share is

"One tip I'd give to business owners is to be flexible."

Find out more about Dori!

website: www.rockthenextstage.com

FB: www.facebook.com/rockthenextstage

Twitter: @rocknextstage

LinkedIn: Dori Staehle

MBA Google+: +DoriStaehle

Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/rockthenextstage.

Produced, Recorded, and Written by Y. Michelle Coard of B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp.

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