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B&P About My Father's Business Podcast
Spiritual Actions
Episode 7292020

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I am shocked that more people do not realize the spiritual impact of their actions. I can say that spiritual blindness is real.

In this podcast and my crushing fear podcast (personal side of things), I try to help people begin to open their eyes. I realize the Most High must draw them to him, so I must wait, and waiting is hard. I find it hard when there aren't many people to talk to about certain spiritual things. Many think I am imagining things or reading into words, but I know the flesh cannot discern the spiritual.

We need to be aware of what we say and what we do. We need to be mindful of what we participate in and when we make agreements. Are you making agreements without considering the spiritual implications? YAHSHUA said in Matthew 18:18 KJV.

Here's a scripture that speaks on a couple of things.

Here are a couple of things to consider when binding and loosing.

1.  The prosperity theology uses this to summon demons (their god of fortune), and it will put you outside of YARAH as you are summoning other gods and breaking the first commandment.

2.  Binding and loosing will bind and loose good and evil things by your actions. If we follow and live out (action) the commandments, we receive The Most High YAH's blessings, but if we don't we receive curses. You would be losing the blessings and binding the curses.

3.  There is the law of YAH (YARAH), and there is the law of sin. You can bind yourself to either law by your actions.

4.  Screaming something is loosed doesn't cast out the spirit unless it is unlawfully attached to you. If you are following YARAH and you still have demonic forces hindering you. You yell your thankfulness to the Most HIGH in the Messiah YAHSHUA's name for all he has done, praise. You praise the Most High YAH. In other words, the presence of the Most High YAH in YAHSHUA's name will drive the demonic out! No need for false spiritual court. The accuser can accuse, but YAH knows the truth of your work. You do not sin unless you use doctrine contract to the YAHRAH into the age/Christian works.

Watch that you align with the YARAH (Watch word study), and this will put you in alignment with the Messiah YAHSHUA. Also, watch how you decide to earn your money or accomplish goals. If you think it's alright to manipulate a situation to make it come out your way makes you bold, you have false doctrine and will sin. 1 Thessalonians 4:6 KJV and the 9th Commandment (Exodus 20).


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