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About My Father's Business Podcast
The Negotiatior Spirit

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The podcast for the spiritual side of business serving the Most High

I recorded a video series on the B&P Podcast about spotting a negotiator.  A negotiator is bad for business profits.  Many want to set the pricing for you.  If you know what you need to earn, you can stop them from changing the prices.  We also protect our pricing by implementing Terms of Agreement, Sales Agreements, Return or Refund Policies, and estimates and quotes.  Documenting your offers are essential as the negotiator spirit loves free and reduced pricing. This person will often brag about how much free they get or how great a deal they worked on some unsuspecting person.

Meanwhile, you are overworked and underpaid; you end up not earning enough to support your income and business.  Business ownership is for those of us that follow the word of YAH WAY.  We have to be more aware of our actions to conform to the laws statutes and commands of YAH.  We avoid working off feelings.  Often we can feel sorry for a person and confuse that with the spiritual leading of YAH, or we want the business so bad we accept the price.  You can spot the negotiator from a person that needs help.  Everyone who needs help is not a negotiator but perhaps creates options that will assist those in need as they grow and make sure you put limits on what you give.

I mentioned the negotiator is a spirit, so do not think you are doing something wrong for this spirit to bother you.  All the children of YAH will experience issue with this spirit because it is sent to keep us in poverty.  Also, do not think spending your money on a mentor that teaches the law of attraction will turn things around.  You must learn to set fair pricing and stand firm.  The children of YAH are given the power to cast out these spirits, and we do so by learning how to spot them and sharing this with other business owners.  Share this series with other business owners.  We are not weak as true livers of the word of YAH because we have a spirit of power to recognize trickery.


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Watch the video here: https://bpaccountingsolutions.com/b-p-podcasts/b-p-ask-the-accountant-podcast-spotting-a-negotiator-part-1

 You can watch video with scripture examples below.

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