Getting A Grasp on The Emotions around Financial Management

Budgeting or financial management can encompass a range of emotions. I know it took a while to get a grasp on my feelings around financial management too. I often worried about money because my income was the only income I had for me and my boys and now my grandson. I used to have enough revenue in the past but a time came in my life when I realized I could not keep living the way I was living. I was always stressed, hope was fading and felt as if I was waiting for the ball to drop at any time where I could not handle my financial mess. Yes, financial mess because we live in a world that is financially strained and we believe we are tracking but following the world's principles for money manage caused constant stress.

I look at our financial struggles similar to the good and evil scenarios played out in comic or action movies. The same demonic forces that cause problems are the same forces that try to be the solution to the problem. What do I mean? The world has created this considerable money trap with debt. You can buy more if you have availability to credit yet they are waiting to take it away when you lose a job that suddenly moves overseas or shuts down because the companies debt to income ratio is no longer sustainable. Many companies sell companies all while trying to hide the liabilities (money owed or debt). Do you see the money trap the circle?

I have been in debt three times, and I am currently trying to get out of the 3rd hole. The first two times I paid off my creditors, and I lived afraid of getting back in debt. I wanted to know how could I get out of debt and stay out of debt. Against my better judgment, I took advice from someone that I should not have to listen to at the time. I could fill it, but I didn't trust my own decisions at the time, so I took the advice. The only way to turn things around was to give it to Christ, and I took the following steps.

1. I learned to trust the word of God and walk it out. Yes, there is a Biblical answer here too. I was able to find the solution to all of my questions in the Bible when I wanted to stop making the same destructive decisions. I was able to determine why my actions started spiritually and why I had to get to the root of the problem.

2. I had to walk out the refinement. I had to allow Abba to renew my mind and transform my heart from the worldly practices of money management. The world treats money as their god, and I no longer want to serve Mammon, but Abba had to break off that strong spiritual hold.

3. I had to start walking out good stewardship God's way. I had to have a mind change, a heart change, a cleansing, and then a financial change. Many people will try to tell you how to manage your money, but our emotions are bothered because it seems harder than it has to be and the truth is the world makes it harder than it has to be. Abba has a simple plan with tools to help us with this work.

I had to let go of the things I gather from the world practices and start over. I had to learn to lean on Abba in every situation. He wants us to be totally dependent on him because he IS our refuge and our salvation. He knows how to protect us from the schemes of the evil one. We think we know by trying to watch the evil one, but if we keep our eyes on God, we don't have to worry about the evil one. Contrary to popular belief this does not make you nieve it makes us wise. A wise person trust in the LORD, Yehovah.

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Author: Y. Michelle Coard

Profit Strategist

6/20/2018- Recorded


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