Does It Matter From Who We Receive Money and Who We Support?

realtor 3261160 1920 300x228 Topic: Do you believe it matters how we earn our money? Should we accept money from those who earn money via unethical practices? Or does it matter who we invest our money resources? What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Today, I cover my thoughts and some biblical incites regarding accepting money.  Should we be aware of how others spend the money we invest in their business or life?  I know many people will say that's not our business.  If you are giving, it's up to the person to handle it accordingly however if you are investing that's more of a monitored process.  Seed and harvest.  God uses many parables in the Bible regarding seed and harvest.  We reap what we sow.  When we plant the seed, we have to cultivate the seed.  And Jesus talked about the parable of the soils.  What type of ground are we planting our seeds into and what do we want to reap from the harvest?  Is the yield good or bad?  

Many will say it doesn't matter as long as I receive a return on my money.  Or the money will come around to me.  I would say that's between you and God.  If you feel no conviction that's up to you.  However, for example, would you support a strip club or porn industry or an industry that kidnapped children and forced them into sexual slavery.  Or companies that use child labor to earn substantial profits?  I would also consider companies who are damaging the environment or who contribute to corrupt politicians.  Does this information matter?  Are there dark spirits behind how we spend our money or how we earn our money?  Money is a spiritual issue otherwise Jesus would not have spoken so often about the impact of the love of money.  Remember money in and of itself is not evil but how we earn it or use can be.  The money belongs to the Lord; wise spending is what he desires.  However, we remember we put people first.  Avoid using the money to control people or don't be controlled by money.  Remember Abba is Jehovah Jireh.

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