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About My Father's Business Podcast: Fair Scales

What's new?  I am changing the name of the podcast to About My Father's Business as this is more accurate than using the general term of God.  Also when I say Father I mean YAH or The Great I Am that I AM!  And there is no other!  On this platform I do not worship other gods.  The Messiah is Our Savior we worship HIM the light of the world YAHSHUA!

Today's podcast we will cover Fair Scales.  I have a new pricing course to help us as business owners with our pricing.   Building Fair and Profitable Pricing. The course doesn't have scriptures but you certainly know my heart!  Also, you will find this podcast here from now on as the world beast system is trying to control what we post.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments by email me at

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