About God's Business: Walking With God Is Not Easy

Social Med Jan wk 2 1 1 300x300If walking with God was easy, everyone would follow God without question. But the walk with God will not always flow with an immediate abundance of money or resource. The majority of us will have to do the work first. I believed when we follow God everything would go right. We should see "fruit" manifest to show the glory of God. But what if you don't see an immediate manifestation?

The LORD has instructed me to build certain products and services. In normal business practice, we build according to the demands of the public. But God told me to build products according to His desire. The products have had very little sign-ups. I have to admit that I considered taking them down but the Holy Spirit convicted me. He said, "I have to learn to trust God is preparing me for His assignment in His timing." I am to work on what he gives to me for now. Learning to wait on God has not been easy for me. I am a person who likes to know what's coming. But I have learned the outcome of following God is much better than I can imagine. Currently, I am waiting for a promise from Abba to manifest and from the outside looking in, it appears as if I am off track and trying to do my own thing. I know that God has given me confirmation that it is Him that's leading me and not my flesh. Abba has shown me what Kingdom living means.

Kingdom living means we HAVE to give up something in order to follow Him. In my case, it was financial stability. The tradeoff is gaining heavenly riches, Kingdom economy and the peace of God.- Y. Michelle Coard

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Y. Michelle Coard, President and Profit Strategist.


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