About God's Business- Seeking God's Favor in Finances

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About God's Business- Seek God's Favor

In this podcast, I talk about the fear of asking God for the things we need.  Many people believe it is selfish to ask God for his favor in finances or even for the smallest things in life.  Praying is talking and asking and most of the time week seek people to help but we totally miss God. 

"If we seek good we find favor with God." Proverbs 11:2 NIV.

If we seek good we will find God's favor.  Not only can we ask for what we need and want, we need to expect to receive his blessing.

Asking without believing blocks your blessings.  When Jesus tried to perform miracles in His home time the unbelief was enough to stop their blessing.  They did not believe Jesus was God or that he could perform the miracles.  And some people believe they don't deserve the favor of God.   Believe because if you have accepted Jesus in your life you may ask in HIS name.   We will cover a couple of steps to open the door to your favor.  

Matthew 13:58 "And he (Jesus) did not do many miracles there because of their (the people) lack of faith."

Remember God is the ultimate innovator.  He loves to love us!  Worship him for the generosity of our Heavenly Father's love!  God' inspired ideas in business and personal life is what he has waiting for the Kingdom Entrepreneurs!  Go get your favor! 


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This podcast was inspired by living out God's favor.  I realized I thought his favor was for other people and I blocked my own blessing.  Now I pray for something like the grocery story favor as well.  Why...because I need to steward my money well.  Father's leadership in all we do takes away the stress and anxiety related to working within a budget.  The key is trusting and expecting.  I also praise after I see his favor.  I notice I don't have the same neck pains as before and I am so thankful I don't have to do it all on my on!!

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Y. Michelle Coard, President and Profit Strategist.

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