About God's Business- Power Over Money and The Fog of Distractions

night 78924 300x199Power over the fog of distractions can feel like freedom.  Receiving clarity in other words! Distractions can steal many resources that we need for completing our God assignments. I believe many of us believe it has to be this way but we have power and authority over this situation. If we believe we are powerless than we ask as such. Distractions can be limited. We have to set up boundaries but more importantly, we have to implement and practice the boundaries.

Today's podcast we will cover the top 4 distractions that we can control and those we can't but we have the power to control them if we seek God. We can be in control of our resources. Saying no does not mean you are weak but it means you are a good steward. God calls us to be good stewards. Set healthy boundaries and you will notice you will accomplish more and be present in the moment.


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