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Pixabay ImagesOften I receive a common question about my target audience for business. "Do you believe it's a good idea to offer services tailored to "Christians" or "Christ Followers?" Their response to their question: "Perhaps you should market as a regular Accounting Firm, and then people will know you follow Christ by your behavior, you know, they will know you by your fruit" "You would make more money that way." My question, "Is this deceptive?"

Here's the issue with this process. Abba called me to serve the underserved. Most money teachings today include many worldly practices intertwined with Biblical practices. Abba has called me and the people he desires for me to help to be set apart. Set apart means no longer conformed to the ways of this world Romans 12:1-2, Peter 1:13-25, Deuteronomy 7.

Deuteronomy 12:30
"and after they have been destroyed before you, be careful not to be ensnared by inquiring about their gods, saying, "How do these nations serve their gods? We will do the same."

Of course today, we do not destroy nations as they did in Deuteronomy but more so we look at the impact that they have on our minds, heart, soul, and spirit. We break the connection and pray for Abba to create a pure heart in us. When I was in the world as you will often hear from Christians who have submitted themselves to Christ, I was beaten and battered spiritually. Often my assignments would include what the world calls "unethical" behaviors, but I knew from the Bible they were not part of Abba's commandments and I could not complete those assignments.

An example was expense reports for VPs. Personal expenses were to be approved for business cards which is an IRS violation and Biblically it's a lie. Those expenses are to be placed on a different card and or pulled to be accounted for in payroll. I would not process the reports, and I was let go from the position for doing the right thing.

People who worry about money work around the clock and will chase money and clients because many don't believe God will provide. People who serve Mammon will do unethical tactics in their business and expect the accountant to go along with the process. Someone who serves Mammon can be a believer or an unbeliever. And some unbelievers call themselves Christians. I also find them difficult to work with because they try to push their beliefs on me. Many believe Christ Followers who work hard but within boundaries are lazy. I provide services to people who are ready to serve Christ.

I help those who are still slave to this system pull apart from Mammon, and I walk with them through this journey to be set apart by creating systems to help you manage your money while you are going through this heart change. I am not a regular accountant. I am an accountant for the LORD for the Kingdom of Heaven for Jesus.

I offer business accounting services for the Christ Follower who Abba has called to be set apart. Many standard worldly business practices are not allowed to intermingle. Nor do we need them as we work for God. Abba is the ultimate creator. Avoid wasting your money on those who don't live the word of God or don't desire to live by the word of God. Do not ask how do they server their god because we can't serve to masters.



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