About God's Business: Flying By The Seat Of Your Pants and Taxes

Make time for financials 300x245Last week, I spoke about charismatics and religion in business. I covered the topic to remind us how important it is to invite God into our business. A Christ-centered business means the Holy Spirit leads us. However, the order of religion is essential as well. We are to operate in the middle. How so you may say because we need God to enhance our natural abilities. When we work in our desires, we miss the spirit of God.

Pride settles in, and we lose what God would like to have us do in our businesses for others.
Most business owners prefer to operate in business by flying by the seat of their pants. However, they miss the mark with organizing financials. Many pay bills late, miss appointments, arrive late to the meetings, allow clients to run the business. (there is a difference between customer service and people pleasing.) they incur multiple bank fees and pay more in taxes.

Most people who feel they should flow without a business process claim to be Holy Spirit led but in fact are missing the Holy Spirits prompting. The Holy Spirit is the helper meant to lead us into truth. And we do that by taking time to slow down and counting the cost. Listing to the steps God would have us walk in and knowing the status of our flocks. (Today this would be financials, emotional states, and the home.)

Start with consulting the bible and wise Godly counsel. Godly Counsel is someone that is living out the principles.
1. Track your spending
2. Track your time. If there are tasks that don't fit delegate or let it go. It's about God's timing.
3. Review what worked and what didn't work.

Financially that means I make time to check client invoices, monitor and plan spending. Say no to something that is not within budget. Let go of anything that may be good for business but harms family time. Do not despise small beginnings means to understand there is deep work going on now to lay a firm foundation. Learn and build on solid ground.

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