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The Generous Side of the Spender's Mindset

Social Media Posts May Week 2 300x300An avid saver would say the spending mindset is a problem.  The scriptures say to avoid extremes. Neither extreme is correct. "It is good to grasp the one and not let go of the other. Whoever fears God will avoid all extremes." Ecclesiastes 7:18 NIV.

The spender's mindset should be balanced with the saver's mindset. I will expand more on the pros and cons of the saver's mindset next week. The spender's mindset is influenced by desires as well as worry.

We worry we may not have enough or we feel because we sacrificed we deserve what we desire. I would caution against using the phrase "I deserve." The phrase "I deserve" leads to the belief that we should buy or do what every we want.

If you feel you deserve but never receive then you believe good stewardship is actually holding you back. Leaning on the "I deserve" mindset often leads the spender to overspend and to spend impulsively.

There are many factors that can influence or drive our spending.  I the top 3 spending influences outside of the "I deserve" mindset.

  1. Being mislead by others
  2. Financial worries
  3. Self- Values

Spending is a great mindset because without spenders the economy would not work. Someone sells and someone buys. If we don't shop we can't purchase the things we need. Unless you know how to manufacture everything you need and that's not likely. Also, that's not how God made the world system to work. If the one who sells is selling to provide for the needs of others then someone has to buy.

"People curse the one who hoards grain, but they pray God's blessing on the one who is willing to sell." Proverbs 11:26 NIV

The spending mindset should be balanced out with good stewardship making this mindset a generous mindset to have.  Learn more about accounting software to help manage business expenses.  If you are not sure which software to use watch my software comparison video (1st video on the page) for the top 4 recommended accounting software.  Click Here to learn more. Or test Zoho books free for 14 days. Click here to test Zoho books.

Watch Tuesday's "Ask The Accountant" on Facebook live to learn more about the generous side of the spender's mindset.

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