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The Fallacy of the Competition Mindset

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Create supportive environments

Owning a business takes a special person. The worry of constantly bringing in clients or maintaining revenue levels can be a scary process. Sadly, I have noticed that sometimes other accountants will not talk to each other because they feel connecting with the same or similar industries is a waste of time. The idea of not connecting to similar industries is the competition mindset and this mindset wants to get to all of the clients first as if there isn't enough to go around. Perhaps, they have had bad experiences with people stealing clients. But just as in relationships no one can steal your client if that is your ideal client.

We will lose focus of who we are and our purpose if we are constantly looking over our shoulders at others in comparison. Business owners often look at what other business owners are doing in the same field. The excuse is to see what the competition is doing so you can keep up. But we can see that trying to out do or keep up with someone before you are ready can be detrimental to your business. Just look at the cell phone companies.

The Generous Side of the Spender's Mindset

Social Media Posts May Week 2 300x300An avid saver would say the spending mindset is a problem.  The scriptures say to avoid extremes. Neither extreme is correct. "It is good to grasp the one and not let go of the other. Whoever fears God will avoid all extremes." Ecclesiastes 7:18 NIV.

The spender's mindset should be balanced with the saver's mindset. I will expand more on the pros and cons of the saver's mindset next week. The spender's mindset is influenced by desires as well as worry.

We worry we may not have enough or we feel because we sacrificed we deserve what we desire. I would caution against using the phrase "I deserve." The phrase "I deserve" leads to the belief that we should buy or do what every we want.

Guarding Your Gifts When Partnering with Others

Social Media May2017 Week 1 300x300In my last blog post, I spoke about the fallacy in the competition mindset. This week, I will discuss how to invite and share with others without being jilted in your business? How do you guard your gifts? I dealt with this question for many years. How do I share without giving away the farm? And at what point are you living in fear that someone will steal your ideas.

Competition develops out the self-limiting belief that anyone can do what we do. Believing others can do what you do is the world's way of making you believe "different" doesn't exist. You have to break away so you can be different.

1 Peter 4:10 NIV- Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms.

I met people who followed me because they believe I am nice. Most people believe nice to be naive or gullible. I am sharp and because I am nice it only means I don't call you out in front of a crowd. However, the hard part was I did not want to be caught up in the competition mindset so I gave what I could. I promoted others often before I promoted myself. After all, self-promotion is selfish right? Wrong. A trick from the world and another blog post. The world's beliefs, often spoken of in the bible, is out of alignment with the word of God.

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