Financial Success Is Found In The Middle of Peace

Social Media Oct Wk 1 300x300It's a wonder that doing less feels productive but somehow the world views it as lazy. "Less is more" is my focus for this year. I learned this principle by focusing on God.  I found financial success in the middle of peace. Because God is in all aspects of our lives His principles for everyday living are the best principles ever! Man complicates tasks because we believe it could not be that simple. We make the same mistakes in money. One of my biggest goals in money and time was to stop feeling like a moving target. In the past, I tried hard to follow a plan but it seemed I would fail. Trying to manage these giants on our own is overwhelming and self-defeating. I follow a well-known productivity manager but lately one of his email titles said, "Time Management Is A Waste Of Time." I disagree. If we focus on God first, he will give us the desires of our heart. Psalm 34:4. Financial freedom is similar to some religious beliefs. Many people don't believe that salvation is obtained through Christ and not through our works Philippians 3:8-10. Most believe this about financial freedom. Many believe that we have to work day and night to have financial freedom. We do not create wealth by our own hands but God creates wealth. Deuteronomy 8:18. Because God creates wealth he will guide us into how he plans to give us wealth. We work in his wisdom, rest, and guidance.

4 tips to organize finances:

1. Create separate accounts for business and personal transactions and income

2. Create separate accounts for auto drafts. Auto-drafts should be in an account with a very low balance after the drafts complete.

3. Go through what I call a financial fasting. There was a time when all of my expenses were more than my income. I had to eliminate a large number of expenses. Usually, expenses increase faster than income. But income can and will increase.

4. Avoid increasing expenses every time income increases. You first have to be able to break even and save without a pinch before adding a new expense.

Remember there are seasons for certain expenses. Perhaps there's an expense that we think we can't live without but we can. Turn this expense into a celebration expense for all of your hard work on occasions. You will appreciate it more. I learned through the lean times that I was not living in deprivation but I learned to live with less. Now, I feel more in control and wealthier. Philippians 4:12 NIV

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