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B&P About My Father's Business Podcast
Spiritual Actions
Episode 7292020

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I am shocked that more people do not realize the spiritual impact of their actions. I can say that spiritual blindness is real.

In this podcast and my crushing fear podcast (personal side of things), I try to help people begin to open their eyes. I realize the Most High must draw them to him, so I must wait, and waiting is hard. I find it hard when there aren't many people to talk to about certain spiritual things. Many think I am imagining things or reading into words, but I know the flesh cannot discern the spiritual.

We need to be aware of what we say and what we do. We need to be mindful of what we participate in and when we make agreements. Are you making agreements without considering the spiritual implications? YAHSHUA said in Matthew 18:18 KJV.

Here's a scripture that speaks on a couple of things.

Here are a couple of things to consider when binding and loosing.

1.  The prosperity theology uses this to summon demons (their god of fortune), and it will put you outside of YARAH as you are summoning other gods and breaking the first commandment.

2.  Binding and loosing will bind and loose good and evil things by your actions. If we follow and live out (action) the commandments, we receive The Most High YAH's blessings, but if we don't we receive curses. You would be losing the blessings and binding the curses.

3.  There is the law of YAH (YARAH), and there is the law of sin. You can bind yourself to either law by your actions.

4.  Screaming something is loosed doesn't cast out the spirit unless it is unlawfully attached to you. If you are following YARAH and you still have demonic forces hindering you. You yell your thankfulness to the Most HIGH in the Messiah YAHSHUA's name for all he has done, praise. You praise the Most High YAH. In other words, the presence of the Most High YAH in YAHSHUA's name will drive the demonic out! No need for false spiritual court. The accuser can accuse, but YAH knows the truth of your work. You do not sin unless you use doctrine contract to the YAHRAH into the age/Christian works.

Watch that you align with the YARAH (Watch word study), and this will put you in alignment with the Messiah YAHSHUA. Also, watch how you decide to earn your money or accomplish goals. If you think it's alright to manipulate a situation to make it come out your way makes you bold, you have false doctrine and will sin. 1 Thessalonians 4:6 KJV and the 9th Commandment (Exodus 20).


YARAH Word Study On YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTRDhAoi9jo

Crushing Fear Shirts and Other Items: https://store.crushingfear.net/

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Creating Fair and Profitable Pricing Plans



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Financial Strategies and Streamlining

Social Media Sept Wk 1 3 300x300Financials can feel over whelming but it doesn't have to feel this way. A couple of years ago even I felt very overwhelmed with what was going on financially. I am responsible for managing the funds, making income, the household, the business, and my children. I am unmarried, solo parenting and a solo business owner. Yes, it felt like a lot because I was trying to do it in my own strength. Even married couples and multiple business partners can't do it all in their own strength. After inviting Jesus into my business and personal life and let him get to the root of the issue.

Before, I felt like I was on a money roller coaster

You know that feeling that we all think is required in business ownership.  After learning to seek God first I know that the slow times are the seasons that God gives to us for vacation or re-assessing current systems. I have enjoyed working 1/2 days without guilt. Normally business owners stress over money instead of relaxing, so we still work without God. The only thing that stops the money roller coaster is peace with God not more clients.

About My Father's Business Podcast
The Negotiatior Spirit

Listing to the B&P About My Father's Business Podcast

The podcast for the spiritual side of business serving the Most High

I recorded a video series on the B&P Podcast about spotting a negotiator.  A negotiator is bad for business profits.  Many want to set the pricing for you.  If you know what you need to earn, you can stop them from changing the prices.  We also protect our pricing by implementing Terms of Agreement, Sales Agreements, Return or Refund Policies, and estimates and quotes.  Documenting your offers are essential as the negotiator spirit loves free and reduced pricing. This person will often brag about how much free they get or how great a deal they worked on some unsuspecting person.

Meanwhile, you are overworked and underpaid; you end up not earning enough to support your income and business.  Business ownership is for those of us that follow the word of YAH WAY.  We have to be more aware of our actions to conform to the laws statutes and commands of YAH.  We avoid working off feelings.  Often we can feel sorry for a person and confuse that with the spiritual leading of YAH, or we want the business so bad we accept the price.  You can spot the negotiator from a person that needs help.  Everyone who needs help is not a negotiator but perhaps creates options that will assist those in need as they grow and make sure you put limits on what you give.

I mentioned the negotiator is a spirit, so do not think you are doing something wrong for this spirit to bother you.  All the children of YAH will experience issue with this spirit because it is sent to keep us in poverty.  Also, do not think spending your money on a mentor that teaches the law of attraction will turn things around.  You must learn to set fair pricing and stand firm.  The children of YAH are given the power to cast out these spirits, and we do so by learning how to spot them and sharing this with other business owners.  Share this series with other business owners.  We are not weak as true livers of the word of YAH because we have a spirit of power to recognize trickery.


Pricing Course:  https://bpaccountingsolutions.com/creating-a-fair-pricing-plan/course/4-financial-management/28-creating-a-fair-pricing-plan

Estimate to Invoice Course: https://bpaccountingsolutions.com/estimate-to-invoicing/course/4-financial-management/27-ata-estimate-to-invoicing-and-easier-payment-collections

Blog Series:  https://bpaccountingsolutions.com/our-blog/bookkeeping/protecting-your-profits-spotting-a-negotiator-series

Listen to the podcast here:  https://bpaccountingsolutions.com/b-p-podcasts/b-p-ask-the-accountant-podcast-spotting-a-negotiator-part-1

Watch the video here: https://bpaccountingsolutions.com/b-p-podcasts/b-p-ask-the-accountant-podcast-spotting-a-negotiator-part-1

 You can watch video with scripture examples below.

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Financial Strategies and Multiple Streams of Income

Social Media Sept Wk 2 1 300x300When creating multiple streams of income, most people focus on revenue only. In other words, "How much can I earn?" And many of them miss the mark and create distractions and money drains instead.

Having multiple streams of income is important. Wisdom directs us to prepare for uncertainties of life or do not put all of our eggs in one basket (Ecclesiastes 11:1-2 NIV).

Just as important, we need to know the cost of multiple streams of income (Luke 14:28-34 NIV). Creating multiple streams of income doesn't mean any stream of income will do.

What's better revenue or profit?

There is a difference between profit and revenue, although you can't have profit without revenue. Revenue is what we earn before costs, spending, taxes, saving, investments, retained earnings and other. Profit is what is left over after costs, spending, taxes, saving, investments, retained earnings and other.

The Purposeful Business Owner with Y. Michelle Coard - Episode 3 - Embracing My Creativity

The Purposeful Business Owner with Y. Michelle Coard

The Purposeful Business Owner is dedicated to fulfilling his or her reason for serving others or to spark an area of service that needs to be changed.

We all have gifts and talents that we use in different ways to service our calling or purpose.

Often, business owners are so busy with the day to day of business that we forget our "Why." The why is the reason we started our business. Having a purposeful why will encourage the business owner through very tough times and allow the business owner to continue serving their customers/clients with value.

Episode 3

Dori Staehle of "Rock The Next Stage" Get Unstuck and Move Forward in Your Live!

 "Embracing My Creativity"

Dori Staehle is Business Coach and Author of "Finding My Divine Rhythm.", She's a former band manager, educational consultant, and professor.  Dori is very strong in helping business owners with branding, social media, and networking. Dori has an MBA in Finance, and has graduate and post-graduate work in gifted education and gifted psychology, 20 years in educational consulting,

She says, "15 years in the music biz doing booking, promo, marketing, management, and coaching, and 5 years in international banking in NYC, Serial entrepreneur." -Dori

Dori is also my business coach and friend. She helps me embrace my purpose and helps me to navigate through the tough business moments. She celebrates the happy moments with me as well! Dori has shown me how to embrace my gifts and creativity to help me move my business to new levels!

Dori's story is inspirational and is a glowing example of what it takes to whether the entrepreneur field! And Dori is not afraid to be different!! I dare you to be different to..Dori can show you how!

Watch the webcast for helpful tips about how Dori brings out the creativity in others and hear special tips for business owners.

One tip Dori would like to share is

"One tip I'd give to business owners is to be flexible."

Find out more about Dori!

website: www.rockthenextstage.com

FB: www.facebook.com/rockthenextstage

Twitter: @rocknextstage

LinkedIn: Dori Staehle

MBA Google+: +DoriStaehle

Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/rockthenextstage.

Produced, Recorded, and Written by Y. Michelle Coard of B&P Accounting Solutions, Corp.

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Do You Value Your Time? The IRS does.

Do you value your time?  Many business owners are afraid to charge for their services or have no idea what to charge in order to cover the full cost of business.  Some feel that only greedy people charge. We expect to get paid when we work for someone else as an employee. But entrepreneurs think we are good people if we provide the services or products for free or at an extremely reduced price.  The employer could not meet payroll if they did not put a value on their services and products and charge their customers.

Click play below to watch "Do You Value Your Time? The IRS does."

Bartered Services

About My Father's Business
Money Is A Supply And Not A Resource

Over the years, I cannot tell you the number of times I have heard the lie that money is a resource. Worse yet is the lie that money belongs to The Most High YAH. I have also heard that we need to have a money relationship. All false information to have you devote yourself to mammon. If you know mammon is the demonic spirit over money, then they claim that all money belongs to god is correct because this demonic spirit is their god. Money is not a resource because you cannot grow money. Money is paper printed by man and the claim that is backed by gold and silver. Where is the gold and silver? If you understand how banking works, you can understand why this claim is false.  

President Nixon ended the “Bretton Woods System” that says money must be backed by gold and soon after the fractional reserve system was created. You see, what people think they have in wealth is not real. I have learned to focus on what the Most High calls real wealth. Let us first look at the fact we are given wealth by The Most High when we follow his YAHRAH. So, if you do not have what YAH says is wealth, you are not living his laws, statutes, and commandments.

Deuteronomy 8 17 and 18

Deuteronomy 8: 17-18 KJV. Verse 17 YAH says if we say our own works bought us this wealth when we need to remember he gave us this wealth in verse 18 shows us YAH said he gave us wealth. So, what’s wealth, according to ABBA YAH?

  1. YAH’s commandments are wealth, listed in verse 6. (YAH WAY’s laws statutes and commandments is wealth!) We are washed cleaned through his word and the blood of the Messiah YAHSHUA that is the word (instructions).  
  2. Children are wealth (when all thou have multiplied).
  3. Land is wealth according to verse 7, The Most High lists all the benefits that the land will bring including things for trade and to make things.
  4. Growing and harvesting our own food.
  5. Animals (flocks - certain animals are wealth.)

Deuteronomy 8 5 thru 14

Deuteronomy 8 15 and 16

I want to add good health mentally, spiritually, and physically is wealth and this is listed throughout the scriptures. When we follow the YAHRAH it is automatic. Nowhere does he say money is wealth because money is exchanged to get wealth in today’s world. Money is wealth to the children of the god of this world. Once you realize if you walk out the scriptures in your heart, mind, body, and spirit, we serve different masters (Elohim). Hopefully, you can let go of the false belief that you need a relationship with money and that money is a resource instead of a supply for trade.

Accountant in Fuquay, Small Business Accountant, Virtual Accountant, Pricing, Bookkeeping, Money Management, Business Expenses, About My Father's Business Podcast, About God's Business Podcast

Myth 8 181x300
B&P Tax Myth #8

Knowing our value brings the benefits of increased income. However, the thought of increased income often brings up anxiety for many. The increase is desired but handling taxes on that income can be somewhat disappointing. Most taxpayers believe they have to pay at least 50% income tax on business income. Therefore, one of three things may occur:

  1. A portion of the income is unreported (cash sales)
  2. Incomplete records to avoid documenting the income (no bookkeeping)
  3. Services are given away instead of priced and billed. (the business owner may feel undeserving or fearful of taxes)

If you have ever said to yourself, "I don't need the extra money, I have enough because the taxes are just too stressful anyway." You have a money block due to fear of taxable income. Eventually, your income sources will cost more money in the end and you will end up with a money leak due to being disobedient with finances. Haggai 1:6 You have planted much, but harvested little. You eat but never have enough. You drink but never have your fill. You put on clothes but are not warm. You earn wages, only to put them in a purse with holes in it."  

About God's Business Podcast Episode 1- Intro to About God's Business

First ever podcast of the "About God's Business" podcast.  I will take you on the journey of building a Christ-centered business as well as past lessons and mistakes of building a business.  We will also relate this to living a Christ-like life in business and personal lives.

KJV- Luke 2:49 - "And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?"

Encouraging Business Owners!

 Y. Michelle Coard, President and Profit Strategist.

#moneymanagement #cashflow #Christianityandmoney #Christianbusinessowner #womenChristianbusinessowner #smallaccountingcompanies

Yahovah's Business Practices versus World Business Practices

Social Media Sept Wk 2 10 300x300I have seen and felt the differences between the world's business practices and those God is directing me to as a Kingdom business owner.   I have worked for many companies.  Large, small medium companies and their practices are similar.  Most companies follow the formula of other corporations instead of the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Those companies attend many seminars that include a millionaires success formula.  Their story is,  "I went bankrupt but you can still be a millionaire".   I have nothing against seminars nor do I have anything against millionaires who have gone bankrupt.  Their journey is important to help others who have experienced the same situations (Luke 16:10 NIV).  But there is an additional lesson in this story..how to help other future millionaires avoid the same mistakes.

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