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B&P Your Smart Stop for Personal Tax Preparation


Business and Personal Accounting Solutions your smart stop for Tax Preparation

Do you know what to look for in a tax preparer or a tax consultant?  The tax preparer without a CPA or EA designation should be registered with the IRS. The preparer should have a valid PTIN number. Verify the business is registered on irs.gov. Your preparer should be willing to give you a confidentiality agreement to protect your information and theirs. Please verify before you give your money to an imposter! Identity thief is a major concern with unregistered tax return preparers.

I am registered with the IRS. I am registered to practice Accountancy in the State of NC. I have training and a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting

Tax Professions offer more experience and one on one contact than software.  We offer knowledge and savings!

By choosing B&P Accounting Solutions you gain more tax knowledge.  Save time and money when you use a professional tax preparer.  

Why is a professional better:  I am an experienced tax preparer that will work hard to lower your taxes.  I search for deductions that may apply to you.  I verify if you are eligible to use the deduction to decrease the amount of taxes due or to grow your refund.

If you use standard tax software to prepare your taxes you would be responsible for any errors. With the benefit of a professional....you decrease your chance of errors and/or missed deductions!  A professional can also help you with tax planning.  Investing in tax planning now will save you so much in the future!

There are several reasons to hire a tax professional.  More than tax preparation! Here's an interesting read:  Reasons to Hire a Tax Professional 

I also assist with any tax problems or tax notices that you may have received. Do you still need to file a 2012 return or 2013 return? Do you need to file an amendment? I can work with you in with the current filing season to make sure I get all the tax filings completed and or adjusted. I am dedicated and I love assisting.  Schedule a tax consultation appointment today to help you with your needs. I am available to help!