Bookkeeping is a vital part of the business. Bookkeeping is the process of tracking transactions. As a business owner, you are responsible for tracking receipts, documents related to sales and spending.


Let us change things!  I need for you to start with a reset about bookkeeping.  Bookkeeping is not automatic, and many business owners are falsely led to believe that accounting software will automatically do your bookkeeping.  So many businesses owners year after year purchase software that they believe transactions will auto download and classify.  However, this is not how accounting software works.

Can you automate bookkeeping? 

Well, bookkeeping is the result of the creating and implemention of effective and productive accounting processes.  Accounting processes is the process of business management.  Bookkeeping is what happens when a business is properly stewarded using systems to track and organize the transactions know as bookkeeping.  Accounting software is one of the tools used to navigate and drive your business.

Accounting is not financial management as financial management is only about finding money for a business as opposed to managing a business learn more on my blog Clearing The Confusion Between of Accounting and Finance Departments.  Accounting is where we steward the business.  Accounting is more than bookkeeping as I have told people over the years.  Also, accounting is more than tax preparing after the fact.  Most business owners want someone to recreate their books year after year instead of setting up accounting processes that create a better business management on the front end therefore the business owner become proactive instead of reactive.

The answer to can you automate bookkeeping?  No, but you can create more accurate bookkeeping as a result of optimizing your accounting process (workflows) for better business management and increasing net profits.  Learn more about the importance of business management tasks: The Importance of Productive Business Management Tasks

Because bookkeeping is reactive, the attempt to hire someone to recreate your books, I am proactive.  I provide accounting services that will result in better and smoother bookkeeping results on the front end of business operations so the business owner can create a less stresssful and more sustainable and enjoyable business.  The goal is to end the chaos associated with business ownership so you can navigate the waters of increased and controllable profits without operating like the world.   Learn more about managing your wealth: Mastering Your Wealth Is Your Responsibility

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